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SleuthGear spy gear is high quality spy gear for sale. This is the best spy surveillance products to buy. SleuthGear spy equipment makes their spy cameras, and equipment locally in the United States of America. When you order SleuthGear spy products, you get quick shipping and the manufacturer creates a 1 Year warranty protecting your investment knowing you’ve made a good decision for buying a new spy camera. When you’re wanting a DVR recording device like the SleuthGear spy camera premium name brand surveillance system, we have the best business package setups for starting your own business and installing SleuthGear products making your business security covert, and discreet.

SleuthGear spy cameras  is an American made name brand security company known for manufacturing the highest quality, premium professional name brand spy gear, hidden cameras, covert spy tactical gear, audio detection, recording devices, many more of the top surveillance cameras made in the USA. SleuthGear creates top line spy gear for a low price.
TSCM Debugging Bug sweeping devices will have all the newest spy gear to easily get the satisfaction of knowing there’s no one monitoring you. TSCM debugging devices allow you to live free, relax and know your private intellectual property, personal conversations, are not leaked out on audio bugs and tracking devices. SleuthGear proves to be the leader in giving the best surveillance products online to everyone needing the professional spy gear.
Buying a new camera for hidden recording video is needed as the Zone Shield DVR is SluethGear trademark of covert spy cameras. Built of high quality using the greatest hidden camera technology.
Types Of Sluethgear Hidden Cameras:
Hidden Camera inside a clock, wall clock, digital picture frame, air purifier, mantel clock, plant camera, digital picture, bible, DVD player, iPod Dock. These are hidden camera devices used in many covert situations.
Sluethgear hidden cameras are made under the maker ZoneShield which means these portable wifi mini hidden camera spy gadgets are built with quality camera, covert design, compact features for durable shelf life under a 1 year manufacturers warranty.