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iTrail Convoy 4G Real Time GPS Tracking Device


iTrail Convoy 4G Specifications

  • Advanced Tow Alarm System
  • Best Driving Behavior Monitoring System
  • Smart Crash Detection System Embedded
  • Cellular-GPS Antenna Service for internal use
  • Quick Installation for Hardwiring the Vehicles
  • Latched Digital Output: 1 digital output, open drain with internal latching circuit with 150mAH max drive
  • Over 8.2 feet Autonomous position accuracy
  • u-blox All-in-One GPS Receiver GNSS
  • 8V - 32V DC with Li-Polymer 250mAH Battery operating voltage
  • Dimensions of GPS are 2.48 x 1.96 x .85 inches

iTrail Convoy GPS Tracking Kit Comes With:

  • iTrail GPS Tracker
  • iTrail Wire Connection
  • iTrail IEM & Serial Number
  • iTrail Live App (Free download on IOS App Store or Google Play Store)
  • iTrail Live Web Tracking Platform

N9 Audio Monitoring Device For Sale

Features For The N9
  • GSM Voice Monitoring System
  • GPS Activated Alarm
  • 4 Meters of Crystal Clear Voice
  • Long range Recording
N9 Tracker Comes With: 1 * N9 GSM Listening Device 1 * USB Cable 1 * User Manual

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