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HD Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Camera


Hidden Alarm Clock Features

  • 1080px FHD quality
  • Night Vision Camera
  • AC Power Charging
  • Built-in Wifi Recorder
  • up to 128GB of memory
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Continuous motion detection video recording
  • Time/Data Stamps

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Comes With:

  • x1 Alarm Clock
  • x1 Low Lux 16GB Camera
  • x1 Night Vision Camera 128GB Micro SD Card
  • SD Card Adapter
  • x1 Manual

Hidden Button Camera for Sale

Spy Button Camera Features
  • Audio Output: Built In 1 Speaker
  • Wireless WiFi
  • Stand by Motion Detection
  • Micro SD card 128G
  • Manual & Alarm Recording Options
  • 1 Way Built-in -38 DB Microphone
  • 30 FPS + 1920x1080 HD Camera
  • 2.0 Million Pixels
  • Day Mode, Night Vision Mode
Hidden Button Camera Comes With:
  • x1 Mini Button Camera
  • x1 USB Cord
  • x1 32G SD Card
  • x1 Instruction Book

Hidden Car Charger With Spy Camera


Specifications On Lawmate Car Charger USB Camera For Spy

  • 1080p HD Video Clarity
  • USB Charger with extra 20 min battery
  • Adjustable Camera Angle
  • Motion Detection
  • IR Night Vision
  • This is a 24/7 car camera(not a cheap device where you have to monitor to record)
  • Plug in Play Operation
  • 1 Year Warranty

LawMate Car Charger With Camera Comes With:

  • x1 Car Charger Hidden Camera
  • x1 16GB SD Card
  • >x1 USB Cable
  • x1 Manual

Lawmate Car Remote Spy Camera

Lawmate Specifications
  • Thermal Image Function
  • Night Vision
  • 1920 x 1080px HD video recording
  • H.264 video encoding supported with M-JPEG picture formatting
  • 64GB micro SD card
  • 30 FPS video stream
  • DC-5V with mini 5pin USB
  • 1G/2G/4G/8G/16-64GB TF card storage support
  • 10 Hours of continous usage
  • 3 Hours of Charging Time
LawMate Keychain Comes With:
  • Keychain Hidden Camera & DVR
  • Key Ring
  • 16GB Micro Memory Card with Adapter
  • USB for Charging
  • Quick Start Guide

Mini Wireless Spy Cam


Mini Wifi Camera Features

  • 1080 HD Videos
  • audio support
  • CMOS Camera
  • SD Micro Memory Card
  • 3.6mm Camera Lens
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Remote App
  • Wifi Camera
  • Wireless
  • 240mah LiPo Battery
  • Lightweight 35g

Wifi mini Spy Camera Comes With:

  • x1 mini wireless hidden camera
  • x1 USB Cord
  • x1 USB Cable
  • x1 Bracket
  • x1 User Manual

Wifi Hidden Camera Phone Charger


Main Features For Hidden Camera Carger

  • Hidden Camera under black lens
  • Motion Detection with real time notifications
  • 128GB of Re-recordable memory
  • fast super-charging your phone
  • 1080px HD Quality Videos
  • Free App Included
  • Micro SD Loop recording
  • Time Stamps with data on footage
  • Remote Live Feed of Videos
  • Easily connect to your smart phone (iphone or android device)
  • Ipad Touch, iPhone, ipad, with Ios 6.0 or higher; or Android with version 5.0 or higher; WiFi router with internet connection

Wifi Hidden Spy Camera Dock Comes With

  • x1 Dock Charger Camera -iPhone
  • Directions for Installation
  • Power Adapter

Xtreme Life Hidden Camera Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear Hidden Camera Features

  • Digital CMOS Camera using 2160 image censor for crystal clear capture
  • Memory card recording for portable, transferable storage, up to 128GB
  • Easy HD video playback compatible with Windows, Apple, Android, Mac OS systems
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • 4K-720 adjustable HD
  • Night Vision Modes
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • TV or PC playback
  • 4k-720 / 120FPS-30FPS recording resolution

Xtreme Life Teddy Bear Comes With

    • x1 Teddy Bear
    • x1 RCA Video Cable(some models)
    • x1 IR Remote
    • Quick Setup Guide
    • x1 32GB memory card
    • x1 micro-USB cord

Zone Shield Bluetooth Speaker Camera Hidden


Zone Shield Features

  • Powerful Camera 4K HD
  • Wireless Access on Wifi Network
  • Bluetooth Access, connection to smart devices
  • Smart Sound System for quality Audio
  • Strong CMOS Camera
  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Zone Shield DVR Bluetooth Speaker Comes With

x1 remote controller x1 32GB SD Card x1 AV Connection Cord x1 Bluetooth Camera Device x1 DC Jack

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