It is important to understand the legalities within and how we handle our operations. From time to time we update our privacy policies, refund policies, terms and conditions, and any legal pages. This is where you can find all legal policies on our page.

Legal Policies (TOC)


Our policies change are always subject to updates when we enhance and fix the way we run the company with each customer. We aim to protect our customers, as well as our business in making the best decisions for everyone. We do not assist law enforcement in any investigation, no matter who the person is. Law enforcement must go to the extent of a subpoena to gain access to your information. We do not condone the use of illegal surveillance techniques, or using spy equipment in an abusive manner such as nefarious tactics.

We do not sell your information whatsoever to third party marketing companies. We do not lease, sell, rent any data, information or personal information to any related services you might be interested. We keep all privacy important to all of our customers. Any marketing opt-in we have, you’ll be clearly notified that such an event is going on. At most you may receive an email of new product updates from time to time.